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    Do I Need Renters Insurance?

    By Cory Kammerdiener | September 15, 2022

    Here’s What You Need to Know  If you’re a first-time renter in the Mid Atlantic, you might be trying to save money anywhere you can. However, while there are some expenses you can cut, such as a subscription to every television streaming service, there are some you can’t. Renters insurance is the renter’s equivalent of... Read More

    Are “We Buy Homes for Cash” Companies Worth Your Time in West Virginia?

    By Cory Kammerdiener | July 22, 2022

    Selling your home is a big deal. You’ve seen the signs and the commercials stating “We buy homes for cash” but are these offers too good to be true? Is it something you should consider or just avoid when selling your home in West Virginia? Before we look at whether you should consider this type... Read More

    Protect Your Identity

    By Cory Kammerdiener | June 22, 2022

    There are a lot of factors that go into purchasing a home in the Mid Atlantic besides finding the right location and the right house. A homebuyer must have an established credit history and generally a minimum credit score of 620 to be considered for a mortgage. Banks use this information to establish the borrower’s ability to repay the... Read More

    70 Thing to Get Rid of Before Moving

    By Cory Kammerdiener | May 24, 2022

    Moving can be an overwhelming task in itself. However, trying to move and find a place for old stuff that you don’t even need can be frustrating. To cut down on stress and clutter go room by room and get rid of unwanted items. You can purge in advance or while you are packing. Just... Read More

    Approved Vendors

    By Cory Kammerdiener | April 28, 2022

    Have you been shopping for a house and finally found “The One”, put an offer in, are ready to proceed with a home inspection, but not sure who to use? Are you a homeowner in the middle of a house project and realize you need a professional’s help? Or you just want a professional to... Read More

    K. Hovnanian Homes

    By Cory Kammerdiener | April 18, 2022

    K. Hovnanian started in New Jersey as a family-operated home building company during 1959. They have since had several acquisitions, become a national homebuilder, received several awards, and recently celebrated their 60th anniversary. They are devoted to building communities of excellence. With a history of success, financial strength, award-winning standards of homebuilding quality, and an authentic... Read More

    Ryan Homes

    By Cory Kammerdiener | March 10, 2022

    Ryan Homes has been in operation since 1948, it is a division under NVR Inc. which is also associated with NVHomes and Heartland Homes brands. They build homes for real life. Floorplans are modeled to fit everyday life and the people that live in them. Ryan Homes can be found in 14 states which include:... Read More

    Lennar Home Builders

    By Cory Kammerdiener | February 28, 2022

    Are you in the market for buying a new home? You might want to consider purchasing a Lennar home or work with them to build your dream home. Lennar homebuilders have been established since 1954 and are present in 24 states across America. You will find below some of the top reasons why homebuyers are attracted to Lennar.  ... Read More

    How Does Student Loan Debt Impact Home Buying?

    By Cory Kammerdiener | January 27, 2022

    Most students don’t realize how student loan debt can impact home buying when they are trying to get an education. In fact, more students today look back and wish they didn’t take out loans than the other way around. A big reason for this is the fact that student loans can make it nearly impossible... Read More

    Dispelling Most Common Mortgage Myths

    By Cory Kammerdiener | December 21, 2021

    You’re ready to buy a home in the Mid Atlantic area, but you’ve recently heard something about mortgages that would stop you. Did you know there are several common mortgage myths that simply are not true? If you buy into the wrong mortgage myth, you may think you can’t buy a home, when you really can. Let’s look... Read More